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Asian-inspired craft beers brewed in California

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“Take your tastebuds on a culinary experience with Dokkaebier."

"You’ve never had beers like this."

“It’s a truly new sort of beer brand for the Bay Area, and for the wider American craft beer industry.”

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Gochugaru, Yuza, bamboo leaves, omija berries — once you try it, you’ll know how incredible these flavors taste.

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Our Promise

Try now and you’ll see why we have countless 5-star reviews and why we are growing fast.

Brewed with choice ingredients for unique, Asian-inspired flavors, we promise you won’t find anything like it.

For unbeatable freshness, we brew limited batches sold on demand and keep our beers cold to ensure you enjoy its refreshing taste to the fullest.

Unlike mass-produced beers, ours are unfiltered and unpasteurized for more flavor complexity that evolves over time.